#TeamNOSugar Success Story: Grandmother loses 87 lbs in 7 months!

TeamNOSugar Success Story: Grandmother loses 87lbs in 7 months!
(Photo courtesy Pamela Garris)
(Photo courtesy Pamela Garris)
(Photo courtesy Pamela Garris)
(Photo courtesy Pamela Garris)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Pamela Garris remembers the exact day she decided to change her life and get healthy. "It was January 4th of this year," she recalled.

A yo-yo dieter for nearly a decade, the Hickory grandmother could never seem to keep the weight off. Until a routine day at the office led to a hospital trip and grim prediction from her doctor.

Garris' left side went numb that January day while at work. "My boss sent me straight to the hospital, they admitted me for test and my blood pressure was 170 over 110," she said. Her doctor told her if she didn't make a change and lose some weight, she wouldn't be around to see her grandchildren grow up. One of whom, a six-year-old girl, she and her husband are now tasked with raising.

Pam immediately decided to make a change. So, after following me on Facebook for more than a year – she became a #teamNOsugar warrior. Since January she's lost 87 pounds! While it has not been easy, Pam says giving up isn't an option. "The first month was really hard," she said. "Giving up the soft drinks and changing my diet – it was rough." But being able to keep up with her grandchildren has made it all worth it!

Pam, like others, admits to wanting to have a cheat day from time to time. But she says every time she indulges, "I feel bad about it afterward" so she tries to keep those to a minimum.

She also credits her co-workers for being an amazing support group. A manager at a local Food Lion, she says her employees are among her biggest supporters! When asked what she would say to others trying to make the same lifestyle change, Pam had this to say: "Don't give up. It won't be easy but don't quit."

Congratulations Pam! Your hard work and dedication inspire me. Keep being one of my most enthusiastic, vocal warriors and encouraging others to join the movement, change your life.

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