Lawsuit: Gwen Stefani sparked stampede, broken leg during Charlotte concert

Lawsuit: Gwen Stefani sparked stampede, broken leg during Charlotte concert

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Nearly a year after she was reportedly injured during a Gwen Stefani concert, a Mecklenburg County woman is suing the singer claiming she sparked a stampede which caused her leg to be broken.

Lisa Stricklin filed the lawsuit in federal court Friday against Stefani and Live Nation Entertainment which had booked the PNC Pavilion for the July 2016 concert. According to her lawsuit, Stricklin bought tickets for the concert, along with several friends, in celebration of her birthday.

Several songs into her concert, Stefani spontaneously decided to ask security to allow fans to come closer to the stage.

"I don't think anybody's gonna care," The Charlotte Observer quoted her saying as she shrugged. "Just fill in anywhere you like. Who cares about your lawn chairs? You can get new ones."

Within less than two minutes, the number of fans in the pit area near the stage nearly tripled in size, The Observer reported.

Stricklin's lawsuit called the incident a stampede, saying people were rushing from the lawn seats, knocking over and breaching the security barricades and jumping over seats in the reserved seating area.

That's when Stricklin was reportedly trampled by the crowd and even had a broken tibia in one of her legs.

The lawsuit claims Stefani admitted that she got into trouble for her invitation.

"I got in so much trouble for telling you guys to come up here," she said after finishing a song, according to The Observer. "It was fun. ... But you guys kind of have to move out of the fire lane, or else I'm dead. ... So can you please get back to your seats?"

The lawsuit claims Stefani and Live Nation were both negligent for allowing security to be breached, causing a stampede.

She is asking for a jury to reward her more than $150,000 dollars in compensatory damages, plus punitive damages against Stefani.

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