Concord Mayor reflects as he nears end of term

Concord Mayor reflects as he nears end of term

CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - Concord Mayor Scott Padgett announced on Wednesday that this term would be his last.

"I have every confidence that future leaders of Concord exist who have the necessary vision and courage to build on our strengths," Padgett wrote.  "With this in mind, I am announcing today that my current term as Mayor of Concord will be my last. I thank my family, colleagues, and the community for their endurance, friendship, and support over my 27 years of service. I look forward to waking up on December 15, 2017 with the titles I hold dearest in my heart: husband, father, grandfather, and citizen."

Mayor Padgett highlighted what he considered to be the most important accomplishments that happened on his watch.

"The importance 16-year process leading to the opening of the Albemarle water line cannot be overstated. This was an effort involving public and private sector cooperation from three communities, countless hours, opposition from entire communities and even another state, and sleepless nights. I firmly believe that the eyes of history will see our work in securing an adequate water supply while being conservation minded as critical to this community's success. This is just one example where we have been blessed to learn from our mistakes and use our challenges as opportunities to improve," Padgett wrote.

The solution did not come without controversy.

"It was very controversial, we were not expecting that at all, we followed the rules to the letter but we had the whole western part of North Carolina against us and the state of South Carolina sued us, so we didn't have many friends then, but we were doing it for our future and eventually it came out well," Padgett recalled.

Another accomplishment Padgett points to is the tremendous growth in Concord over the last decade.

"To grow at the tremendous rate we've grown and still maintain a good quality of life where people want to live here and are glad they live here," Padgett said.

In an interview with WBTV on Thursday, Padgett said that his favorite and most rewarding part of the job has been his ability to work with the residents of the city, and with those who work for the City of Concord.

"The experiences that I've had with people are just fantastic," Padgett said.  "You realize that most people are very good and I hope people think about me as the people's mayor, because that's what I really feel like I am."

Though he won't be mayor after December, Padgett says that he will stay engaged and will look for opportunities to serve the community.

"I never expected to be mayor for 16 years, in fact, when I ran for council, I didn't expect to be mayor at all," Padgett said. "I feel great about it.  Somebody told me if you wait until you get everything done before you resign, you'll never resign, because there's always going to be more to do and you'd never resign."

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