VIDEO: Large rat drags trash bag across sidewalk

VIDEO: Large rat drags trash bag across sidewalk

NEW YORK (WBTV) - They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. Apparently, in Brooklyn, the same can be said for rats.

Leigh Conner, a resident of Brooklyn, posted a video that has started to circulate the internet.

The middle school teacher says she was on the way to work when she saw a bag of trash start to move.

She pulled out her phone and recorded a rat seemingly ransacking a bag of trash that was left near the road. The rat then began pulling the bag of trash across the sidewalk.

Conner told ABC7, in New York, that it happened Thursday morning in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

"I was getting on my bike and saw a trash bag moving, seemingly on its own," Conner told ABC7. "When I saw that it was being moved by a rat I started filming."

The rat was able to get what appears to be pizza or some other type of round food and scurried into the ground.

She posted the video online with the title "Pizza rat strikes again!"

"After standing there for a minute with my jaw dropped, I realized I had to film it," Conner told ABC7. "It was funny, because I had a conversation about pizza rat just the night before, making it an especially strange sighting."

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