VIDEO: Anchors lose it after cobbler causes on-air belch

VIDEO: Anchors lose it after cobbler causes on-air belch

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Early morning snacks plus being on television for three hours can be a bad mix, as WBTV weekend anchor Ben Williamson found out the hard way Saturday morning.

Williamson and co-anchor Lyndsay Tapases were coming back from commercial break when he started to talk and an untimely burp escaped his mouth.

"There it went. I knew that was gonna happen," Williamson said. "I ate the cobbler. I was feeling it. I was trying to hold it in and that just happened on TV."

Williamson had eaten some berry cobbler in the segment before while talking about the 18th annual Dine Out for Kids event that is coming up.

"And now Lyndsay is going to lose it," Williamson accurately predicted as she laughed with her hands covering her face.

"I'm surprised that's never happened to you before with as much food as we eat on this show," Tapases said before pointing out that Williamson never said 'excuse me.'

"You're embarrassing me. Excuse me," Williamson said while hiding his face. "Excuse me."

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