$3 million bond for Charlotte man accused of infant's death

Updated: Jun. 12, 2017 at 5:50 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Relatives and friends were hoping a judge would set an affordable bond so Christopher Sims could get out of jail. Instead, the man accused of killing his girlfriend's son is sitting in jail on a $3 million bond.

"We're in the disagreement with this bail that was set. The bail was set at three million dollars and we really don't understand why or how and the case isn't completed. So we're lost," said his mother, Dana Sims.

Christopher Sims spoke to the judge and asked for his bond to be reduced. He said he wanted to get out so he could return to his job and earn money to pay his legal expenses, and not put his family in financial stress.

The judge told him that the court didn't have any information about the case - just the charge - so he couldn't lower the bond.

Sims' relatives, friends, and the victim's mother were in court Monday afternoon to support him.

Family members say the fact that the victim's mother is standing with Sims speaks volumes.

"It meant everything to me to see her walk in. Me and her have been in contact every day since this has happened and she has my son's back one hundred percent," Dana Sims says. "She knows that he did not do this. She knows that these charges that have been placed against him were garbage. And her being in court today to stand and support him it meant the world to me and my family and I know it meant the world to him as well."

Police say hospital staff at CMC called them last Wednesday night to report they were treating a child who was badly injured. Doctors said the 2-year-old boy had multiple injuries, traumatic brain damage, and couldn't breathe on his own.

Police said the investigation revealed the alleged abuse happened at an apartment in Charlotte, and that Christopher Sims was alone with his girlfriend's child.

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Police initially charged Sims with felony intentional child abuse. The bond for that charge is $500,000. When the child died Thursday night, Sims was also charged with murder.

Sims' relatives insist Sims didn't harm the little boy and believe he's being wrongly accused. They say they he was at the park with his biological child and his girlfriend's son.

"There's more to this story and as it progresses you'll find out about it," Dana Sims says. "Anybody that knows my son knows that children and pets get a pass with my son. He loves children. He has ten nieces and nephews that love him to death. He has a 2-year-old son that he would lay down his life for. He's not the type of person. He doesn't even chastise his own child – much less anybody else's."

Family members say they're planning a prayer vigil outside the jail later this week.

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