#TeamNOSugar 21-day challenge: What I learned

#TeamNOSugar 21-day challenge: What I learned

(WBTV) - "You must confront to conquer."

Today, at the end of our #TeamNOSugar 21-day challenge, I'm reflecting. Not only on the past 21 days but also on the first time I ever read those words. "You must confront to conquer." It was a real gut-check when I read them nearly two years ago and the effect is still the same today.

You cannot conquer what you are unwilling to confront. Period. I remember when I finally started feeling like I was back in the groove with #TNS. March 20 of this year. That's when I said, time to confront - and conquer.

Since that day, I've lost TWENTY POUNDS! (That deserves all caps, dontcha think?) It's simply amazing what you can do when you decide to face something head-on. When you stop making excuses for why you're (over)indulging: you're in your feelings aka emotional eating; you "earned it" after staying on track all week; it's just 'one brownie.'

That's how it always starts for me. Before I knew it - a whole section of my closet was off-limits because of what I "earned." Yikes. Maybe you've been there. You CAN get back on track. You can make it happen. You just have to be willing to confront it. And stick with it. I was blocking temptation left and right, LOL! Because I've learned, nothing taste as good as being fit and healthy feels. All I have to do is look back at photos from a year ago (thanks, Timehop for the brutal reminders) and I know that to be true!

So, I've made myself a promise. And I'm saying it publicly for added accountability: I can't allow myself to put on that kind of weight again -- unless I'm creating a tiny human. (And no, I'm not pregnant. All in His time!) It's simply about continuing to make myself - and my health - a priority. This is a marathon, not a sprint. #TeamNOSugar is a lifestyle, not a diet. And these past 9 and a half weeks have been a much needed reminder.

OK -- so who's on board for the next challenge?! We're back to 30 day challenges June 12. Deets to come! But if you want to know more about #TNS right now, go here and WATCH the video in the link:

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