Woman left behind at Charlotte Motor Speedway after Coca Cola 600

Published: May. 29, 2017 at 9:15 PM EDT|Updated: May. 31, 2017 at 11:02 AM EDT
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(Steve Ohnesorge | WBTV)
(Steve Ohnesorge | WBTV)

CONCORD, NC (WBTV) - Within hours after the celebrations in Victory Lane were over early Monday at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, cleanup crews were already hard at work. But they found something they weren't expecting while cleaning up the infield.

A woman.

Just when you thought you had seen everything people could drive off without - meet Jody Nash.

"They left me, too," she told WBTV. "Hey mom, I'm okay. I'm still here in Turn 2."

Nash said when she woke up, her friends had already driven away from the Speedway. She found a tent that had been left behind, so she joked that at least she had a place to sleep if her friends never came back.

"Will y'all come get me?" she pleaded.

Nash wasn't left alone - there was lots and lots of trash, as well. With well over a 100,000 fans in the stands and infield and thousands more in campgrounds around the track, the trash can build up pretty quickly.

"There is a whole lot of it," said Ryan Davidson, one of the hundreds hired to clean the track and surrounding Speedway property.

In the infield, people left more than just cans and garbage. There were grills, lawn chairs, couches, carpets, tarps and more. The cleanup will take several days, but the work will not be over when that job is done.

Speedway officials say grassy areas will need rehab work with holes filled, seed spread and more. That effort is expected to take several weeks. It's all in preparation for the next big racing weekend, which comes in October.

If you are worried about Nash - left behind by her friends - don't be. WBTV later learned that she was able to find a way to get back home safely, thankfully.

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