Young rooster and elderly goat become the best of friends

Rooster and goat become best friends

INDIAN LAND, SC (WBTV) - It's not something you see every day on a farm - a rooster riding goat-back, and the goat not seeming to mind.

That's the way it is at "His Barn," a therapeutic riding facility and farm in Indian Land, South Carolina.

Billy, the 18-year-old goat, wouldn't seem to have it any other way. By the way, 18 is very old for a goat.

Four years ago, Billy was attacked by dogs and almost killed. His rehab took weeks. During that time, a young rooster named Samoa seemed to take a liking to the old guy.

"We thought it was because the little rooster had nowhere else to go or because the other roosters were kind of beating him up," said farm owner Jillian Butela.

Whatever the reason, Samoa started hanging around Billy and hasn't left his side much since.

"When he was first rehabbing, the rooster wouldn't even let people near him," Butela said.

The two have formed an inseparable bond. They sleep together, eat together, and sometimes Samoa hops up onto Billy's back and just rides wherever the goat happens to wander.

It's an unlikely friendship no doubt, but one that would appear to be unbreakable.

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