Parents of murdered 14-year-old in Charlotte want you to hear them

Parents of murdered 14-year-old in Charlotte want you to hear them

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Three months into 2017, the case that stumps Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police the most is the one that happened on January 2. The city's second homicide of the year. Fourteen-year-old Anthony Frazier was shot and killed while in a car with his family.

Ten weeks later, there are few clues and no arrests. Maybe most important here, there is a broken family.

Anthony's dad, Daniel, is a Kannapolis Police officer. His mom Brandi, a nurse. His younger sister Aerial, now an only child.

I sat down with them in a one-on-one conversation. They told me it was incredibly difficult for them to speak and in fact, Brandi wanted to say nothing, could say nothing, she said - but wanted to be there and show support by holding her husband's hand as quiet tears rolled down her cheeks.

"All those years I played football and was in the military and had alpha-guy moments," Daniel said. "And nothing takes the wind out of you like this."

Daniel Frazier says their son turned 14 on December 24. His aunts – Daniel's two sisters – wanted to take him out for a late birthday celebration. They went to dinner and a movie along with one of Anthony's uncle and 1-year-old cousin.

At the end of the night when they turned to pull into their driveway on Finchley Drive in east Charlotte, two people were waiting in the bushes. Was it a break-in gone bad? Something with more malice? CMPD says it doesn't know. Daniel only says when those two men started firing at the car, they hit his son.

"A bullet struck Anthony in the back of the head," Daniel said. "My sister, who's pregnant, and her husband tried to back out and leave the property, and I guess the subjects fired into the back of the vehicle."

Daniel has been a police officer with the City of Kannapolis since 2015. He said he's not getting involved in this investigation. It's way too personal. He says he wants CMPD to be able to focus without having him constantly ask questions and getting emotionally involved.

For CMPD's part, they say they've gone to into the community on several occasions, to local schools and community meetings, and still can't find any new information. They have no new leads. They say they believe the shooting was random, that Anthony was absolutely not a target.

Daniel and Brandi say their son was a good kid. Had good grades, loved football and basketball, in many ways was a "Momma's Boy" who adored his mother and always checked in with them both. He and his 11-year-old sister Aerial were close.

"Please come forward if you know something," they ask. "That's the only thing we want, is just somebody to tell the truth. That's it."

We called police and the only description they have of the shooters is vague. Two black men in their teens to early 20's. One had a thin build and was wearing a gray hoodie. The other had a thin build and was wearing a dark-colored hoodie. One may have possibly had short twists.

Again, the crime happened on Finchley Drive in east Charlotte on the night of January 2.

CMPD Crimestoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case – but that's not all. Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms is also offering a $10,000 reward. So, $15,000 up for grabs if you can help find Anthony Frazier's killers. Calls to Crimestoppers can be anonymous.

Call 704-334-1600 to reach Crimestoppers or 704-432-TIPS (8477) to speak directly to lead CMPD Detective Brian Koll.

As the family said at the end of our conversation, "Someone out there knows something. Imagine if it was your child. Wouldn't you want help in finding answers?"

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