#TeamNOSugar 2017 - Round THREE!

TEAMNOSUGAR: 2017 Round 3
Tina Mallen
Tina Mallen
Barbara Watson
Barbara Watson
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WHEW. #Day60 of #TeamNOSugar. We made it through Round 2!

Anybody else struggle a bit? If you follow me on Facebook then you know this wasn't my best 30 days. But, the great thing about TNS is that it's a lifestyle NOT a diet - so I always keep at it!

So, that one Krispy Kreme donut - ok, two – that I had doesn't have to derail your progress! For me, the key as always been NOT keeping it in my house. I had to go out to get those donuts and once they're gone – that's IT.

Don't waste time beating yourself up about it, definitely don't keep indulging and just get right back on track!

I kept drinking plenty of water, working out, making good choices with nutrition – and I still lost 5lbs and shaved two inches off my waist!

It CAN be done, folks. One bad day doesn't make you a failure. Remember that.

Now, you likely know my story by now. I've been at this since January of 2013 – and have lost 75lbs since then.

But, I've said it before - and I'll keep saying it: ANYONE can do #TeamNOSugar. Anyone!

Just a quick shout out to TNS newbie Tina Mallen, who's lost nearly 25lbs since January!

She's kept me updated on her progress and in an email, she wrote: "I can't believe I have been without sugar and diet soda for so long. But you know, I don't even miss it. When I get a craving for my old habits, I talk it out with my friends and I walk it out. Lots of prayer! Looking forward to more results as I move forward."

You look awesome Tina, so keep pushing!

And I can't forget about Barbara Watson who I profiled in a special TNS story in January who continues to see great results.

She sent me her latest photo and she's now down 32.5lbs since September 2016. She calls me her health "shero," but Barbara – YOU are the real shero!

All my warriors continue to inspire me daily with how they have joined the movement and changed their lives! Kudos to all of you!

So, round THREE of TNS starts this coming Monday, March 6!

If you're a newbie and round three is your first time on TNS – be sure to check out the guidelines in the video above.

Also, remember it takes 21 days to form a new habit; I just round up to 30 to really lock it in. You CAN do this.

Don't focus so much on what you CAN'T eat; instead focus on what you CAN eat. And there's a lot more to eat than you think! It's all about changing how you see food and you're meals. You don't know unhealthy carbs and added sugar with every meal or snack. You just DON'T. At the end of the day – TNS is about getting you to realize that. Getting you to be more conscious about what you're putting in your body. If you can stick with this, I promise you'll see changes in how you look AND feel.

Here are a ton of healthy meal and snack ideas to get you started: http://tinyurl.com/jqyvtqy.

These are just jumping off points. I strongly encourage to hit up Google and Pinterest for more TNS-friendly recipes.

The first seven days are typically the hardest.

So, here are seven tips to help you get through the first week:

There are actually 30 of these so if you look back through the post on my blog, you can see all #30tipsin30days!

Let's see – I think that's it.

If you have any questions – you can either email me at bmack@wbtv.com or post directly on my FB page. I try to get back to everyone as soon as I can!

Remember, 30 days – not processed or added sugars.


**Editor’s Note: Please consult your doctor before starting any new health and wellness plan.**