Police: At least one high powered weapon used in 100-round shootout in uptown

Police: At least one high powered weapon used in 100-round shootout in uptown

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said several weapons were likely used in the running gun battle in uptown Charlotte on Saturday.

"I would just say it was more than… there was some high-powered - at least one we believe was used and an assortment of others," said Deputy Chief Jeff Estes.

Police said people in at least two vehicles started shooting at each other on North Caldwell Street. A police source said a minivan that crashed at the scene was involved in the shoot-out and that officers recovered firearms in it.

"There's some evidence that we've collected – of course shell casings and other evidence that I won't specifically mention," Deputy Chief Estes said. "But we are well on our way to some sort of resolution."

Four days after the shooting, police said they're still trying to pinpoint who exactly was involved. The shooting happened near an event where people were celebrating the CIAA tournament.

"We are exploring the possibility that this involved some sort of groups related to the entertainment industry," Deputy Chief Estes said.

A police source told WBTV that detectives suspect the shooting is the result of an ongoing feud between two rappers.

CMPD said they conducted advanced security planning with the CIAA for all league-sanctioned events.

Deputy Chief Estes said there was "an extremely robust security plan" in place for CIAA events.

"This wasn't related to a specific place," Estes said. "Just happened to be on a street in First Ward here so I wouldn't say I would be concerned about being in Uptown during the tournament."

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