Charlotte's 'Handshake Teacher' goes viral, will appear on Steve Harvey Show

Charlotte's 'Handshake Teacher' goes viral, will appear on Steve Harvey Show

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Barry White Jr is known as a top-notch educator, and not just for the work he does in the classroom.

Every morning, the 26-year-old teacher greets each one of his 5th grade students at Ashley Park Elementary with a handshake that's unique to each child. So far, he's amassed more than 60 different handshakes.

"I really feel as though every person should feel as though they matter, and they should feel important to somebody. For me, that starts with a handshake for each of my students," White said.

A few weeks ago, White's Youtube recording of each of the handshakes went somewhat viral and has now been featured on national news programs and websites all over the country.

CBS's Steve Harvey got word of White's unique way to build rapport with his students and will feature him on Wednesday's show, honoring him as a "Harvey's Hero!"

White, a LeBron James fan, told Harvey he was inspired by watching the NBA great interact with his teammates and the individual handshakes that they created with each other. Since Harvey is a Cleveland native and a Cavaliers fan, he reached out to LeBron James and asked for his help to give White a special Cavaliers-themed gift.

Harvey will also present White with a $10,000 check.

The episode airs Wednesday at 3 p.m. on WBTV.

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