Friends, classmates mourn East Meck student fatally shot at party

Friends, classmates mourn East Meck student fatally shot at party
(Alex Giles | WBTV)
(Alex Giles | WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Dozens of students gathered in front of East Mecklenburg High School Monday night to honor one of their own.

Eighteen-year-old East Meck student Christian Allen was shot and killed at a party in southeast Charlotte Sunday night. The shooting happened at a home in the 400 block of Kelford Lane.

Several of Allen's friends helped paint the rock in front of the high school Monday to memorialize him.

Christian Allen's younger brother, Dakota Allen, said his brother will be dearly missed.

"A lot of people liked him. He was just a really likable guy," said Dakota Allen.

He said that both he and his brother played football at East Meck. He said several members of the football team came out to share their condolences.

Dakota Allen also said he had to tell the rest of his family what had happened, and explained that the past 24 hours have been rough on his family.

"I was two minutes from falling asleep when I got that call," said Dakota Allen.

The grieving brother said his family wants the person responsible for Christian's killing brought to justice.

"We were doing our own little investigation at home trying to figure out who did it, trying to put pieces together and stuff like that," explained Dakota Allen. "Just to put this guy behind bars would mean the most of anything to, like, the whole family."

Dakota Allen said he was not at the party, but he has heard about what happened from people who were there. He said he does feel confident that there are people who know who killed his brother.

When asked what he would say to Christian if he could talk to him one more time, Dakota Allen issued a short and simple response.

"I would just tell him I loved him. I didn't tell him that enough. I wish I would have."

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