Dog missing for 7 years from VA reunited with owner in Gastonia

Dog missing for 7 years from VA reunited with owner in Gastonia

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Saturday morning, Kelly Accettola stood in front of Wilkinson Animal Hospital for the final minutes of a seven-year wait.

"He was my best friend, we did everything together," Accettola said of her missing Italian Greyhound, Bemis.

The dog went missing seven years ago from Accettola's home in Virginia. She searched and searched with no luck in finding her missing friend. Finally, she moved to California with her husband who's in the Navy.

She gave up hope of ever finding her dog.

But in December, a good Samaritan found a small Italian Greyhound in Gastonia, hundreds of miles from where Bemis went missing.

The woman took the dog to be scanned for a microchip and, sure enough, it was Bemis.

It took months to track Accettola down because she'd changed her phone number. But when word finally reached her that her best friend was alive and well, she flew to Charlotte for a Saturday reunion.

"Basically, I was so grateful, and when I saw his little face, it's like nothing ever changed," she said.

This story highlights the importance of microchipping pets and keeping contact information current. It's a message Accettola hopes people hear, along with a message of hope.

"Right now people really need to see miracles, because a lot of people have given up hope and have lost a little faith," she said.

The little dog is now back home with his mom - all thanks to the kindness of a stranger and a tiny little microchip that led a little dog back home.

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