Woman in nursing home reunited with dog she had to surrender

Woman in nursing home reunited with dog she had to surrender

LANCASTER COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - The twists of fate in this story might make you pause and wonder if "coincidence" is the right word.

A year ago, Pam Snead adopted a dog from Lancaster County Animal Control. She was looking for the perfect fit, and found it with a little dog who'd just been surrendered two hours before she arrived to pick out her new best friend.

Tippy the dog came with a sad story. His owner of seven years moved into a nursing home and wasn't allowed to bring him. Tippy needed a new home with just as much love as his previous owner had given him.

Pam knew right away she was in love.

"It's just like in the cartoons when little hearts come out of your eyes," she said.

Tippy was re-named Eddie and quickly turned into a cherished pet with special powers to make people smile.

Just over a month ago, Pam's mother broke her hip in a fall and was moved into Lancaster Convalescent Center for rehabilitation.

Things weren't going so well. Pam's mother, Nina, was in pain and feeling pretty low. Pam decided to bring Eddie for a visit to cheer her up.

He worked his magic and quickly brought a smile with his snuggles. But Eddie would soon bring more smiles.

"Mom needed more pain medicine, so I went out in the hall to get a nurse, and I had Eddie in my arms," Pam said.

This is where two stories become one. In the hall, Pam heard a joyful voice belt out the name "Tippy." It was the woman who had to surrender her dog more than a year ago, Starr Friend.

"My jaw dropped when I realized that was his former owner," Pam said.

The tears dropped, too. From Pam, from Starr, and from several staff members who realized that fate had returned the little puppy to his mom's arms.

"He has two moms now," Starr said, "She's his number one mom and I'm number two."

Pam has pledged to continue bringing Eddie to visit and cuddle and bring smiles to the woman who raised him.

"They've been good to him," Starr said, "because I know he loves them, so I know he's been treated good."

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