Christmastown dentist says 'Grinch' stole McAdenville festive display

Christmastown dentist says 'Grinch' stole McAdenville festive display

MCADENVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Every year around the holidays the small town streets of McAdenville are transformed into Christmas Town, USA. Millions of twinkling lights greet the hundreds of thousands of spectators that drive by the homes and businesses.

Dr. Travis Nixon, owner of Christmastown Dentistry, looks forward to decorating every year.

"Being a native of Gaston County, it's been a tradition for our family each and every year," he said.

But if you drive by Nixon's office now, you may not even notice it.

"It's quite dark and it's sad to see. We had several laser lights. We had spotlights. We had over 100 feet of lighted garland on the front railing," he said.

Nixon credits the disappearance to a real Christmas Grinch who he says swiped his equipment over the weekend. The only thing they left behind was a couple of reindeer and the Nativity scene out front.

"That is a blessing that we can still hold onto - what Christmas truly is - and that's celebration of Jesus Christ's birth," Nixon said.

Nixon said the thief got away with $1,200 worth of festive gear. But, he said he won't hold a grudge against Mr. Grinch if it's returned.

"In the true spirit of Christmas, all would be forgiven," he said.

While one spot in Christmastown may be a bit darker this year, there happens to be enough shine on their streets to make up for it.

"The Grinch did steal our Christmas, but ultimately he did not steal our Christmas spirit," Nixon said.

He plans to rebuild his display next year.

If you know anything about the incident, call Cramerton Police.

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