Lake Lure wildfire spreading, officials say 'no end in sight'

Lake Lure wildfire spreading, officials say 'no end in sight'
(Steve Ohnesorge | WBTV)
(Steve Ohnesorge | WBTV)

LAKE LURE, NC (WBTV) - A major wildfire that stretches from Lake Lure to Chimney Rock has now charred more than 3,400 acres, according to the North Carolina Forest Service.

The fire, which started more than a week ago, has forced the evacuation of all residents and has shuttered all businesses. Investigators still are not sure how it started.

"It's scary and terrifying," said Janet McCraw, who was allowed back in to her home on Monday to pick up some medicine. Her home is in the path of one section of the fire that is moving.

On Friday, McCraw said, the flames were beyond a ridgeline.

"Now it is way on down and seems to be coming this way," she said.

Fire crews from across the nation have descended on Lake Lure to help keep the fire away from homes and businesses. So far, no structures have been damaged in the fire.

McCraw thinks firefighters will get a handle on the blaze in time for her hone.

"I have faith that they are gonna put it out," she said.

One of the fire team's Public Information Officer, Jim Schwarber, said getting the fire under control is difficult in the terrain. The extreme drought has made everything in the forest ready to burn, he said.

"We need rain badly," Schwarber said. "unfortunately, it doesn't look like any is in the near term forecast. Firefighters will stay on the job until it is under control."

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