Kannapolis church sign takes bold political stance, pastor not worried about fallout

Church taking heat over political sign
Updated: Nov. 7, 2016 at 9:58 PM EST
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KANNAPOLIS, NC (WBTV) - Political opinions and churches do not always mix well, but a local pastor says he's spreading a message to take a stand. Tim Jones is the pastor of Resurrection Baptist Church in Kannapolis and the sign he assembled on the church marquee is getting some attention.

"As long as I pastor this church and as long as I have a breath, I'm going to let people know where I stand. And I stand for God and I stand for what's right and I stand for this country," Jones said.

Jones said he changed the sign to read "We are voting. And not for Hillary" about a week ago.

"The sign never endorsed a particular candidate. Although, people were reading between the lines," he said.

Jones said he's a Trump supporter who couldn't sit back and be silent about this election.

"As a Christian, there are morals and convictions that we stand upon. And I am not a pastor who will preach it in the pulpit and leave it in the church," Jones said.

Taking a stand is exactly what the IRS prohibits non-profit 501(c)(3)'s from doing, which is why churches often stay out of the political arena.

But despite WBTV finding a state non-profit filing signed in August by Jones, the pastor insists his church pays their taxes like everyone else and receives no tax exemption.

"We're not incorporated, we're an independent, fundamental Baptist church. We're not a part of any Baptist association or any other association," he said.

But Jones didn't stop there, adding he's OK with any repercussions that may come his way because of the message he's put out there.

"We're not trying to break any laws or anything like that, but we will stand. And sometimes standing, if you're the only one to stand, it may come at a cost. But I'll answer to God one day for that," Jones said.

On election day, Jones said he's willing to give anyone a ride to the polls, whether they support his candidate or not. He also vows to pray for the next president, whoever it may be and change the sign once the results are in.

"Wednesday morning, after the election's over. I think it will say, 'Phew. It's over,'" he said.

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