Donald Trump rallied the faithful in Concord Thursday

Trump holds rally in Concord

CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump rallied an enthusiastic crowd in Concord at the Cabarrus Arena and Events Center on Thursday.

By 9:00 am about two dozen supporters were already in place lined up at the front entrance.  By the time of Mr. Trump's appearance the crowd was estimated at 4200 with some still trying to get inside at 4:30.

Several wore the distinctive red baseball cap with the "Make America Great Again" logo that Mr. Trump frequently wears.

Johnny Bradley of Mount Holly drove his large box truck "Trumpmobile," emblazoned with decals in support of Mr. Trump.

This is Donald Trump's second visit to North Carolina in less than a week, and it comes with just five days remaining before the election.

North Carolina is considered a battleground state and carries fifteen electoral votes.

As far as his remarks in Concord go, for Donald Trump, it's apparent that every stump speech is not exactly the same.  In Concord he mentioned specific and familiar job losses like Pillowtex and Freightliner to illustrate what he says have been "bad trade deals" that have benefited countries like China and Mexico at the expense of the United States.

"Freightliner, one of your companies, laid off 500 people in Mount Holly and moved their jobs to Mexico," Trump said.

While discussing immigration, Mr. Trump brought up a heartbreaking example of something he says his administration might have prevented.

"Leeanna Newman and her unborn child were killed by an illegal immigrant, drunk driving, with two prior deportations," Trump said.

That happened in Landis in 2007.  Leeanna Newman and her unborn daughter Cheyenne died.  Rigo Martinez, in this country illegally for the third time pleaded guilty and is serving 28 years in prison.

"A Trump administration will impose mandatory prison sentences for deported illegal immigrants," Trump added.

Those in the crowd with similar experiences applauded that line.

"I just loved it when he talked about closing the border and protecting American lives. My brother was killed by an illegal immigrant in 2011. We have gotten no justice at all," said Kris Storie from Granite Falls.

The crowd frequently interrupted Trump with chants of "Build the Wall," "USA USA," or when he mentioned Hillary Clinton, "Lock Her Up!"

Trump arrived on the stage about fifteen minutes early and spoke for around 45 minutes.

At one point a woman towards the front of the stage appeared to be on the verge of passing out.  Trump saw her, stopped his remarks, and implored any "doctor in the house" to come to  her aid.  He waited until the woman was given aid before continuing his remarks.

There were no protesters inside the arena.  A spokesman told the crowd before Trump arrived that if they did encounter protesters inside that they should not engage them or touch them, but instead, drown them out by chanting "Trump, Trump!"

President Obama is visiting Charlotte the next day to campaign for democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

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Clinton also plans to campaign in Raleigh Thursday with Bernie Sanders and Pharrell Williams.

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