Republican VP candidate Mike Pence speaks in Salisbury

Republican VP candidate Mike Pence speaks in Salisbury

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Vice presidential candidate Mike Pence wrapped up a speech in Salisbury Monday afternoon, making big promises to a crowd of spectators and a few protestors.

Governor Pence told the crowd the race is close here in North Carolina. He wants them to vote early and then talk to their friends.

"Here in North Carolina it's a one-point race. This race is on North Carolina," Pence told the crowd standing on the lawn at Catawba College in Salisbury.

Pence said when people vote it's a choice about two futures. Scott Isley of Rowan County agreed, and said he's concerned about his grandchildren.

"Quite frankly Mr. Pence and Mr. Trump are the only political hope that we have at this point," Isley said. "Those justices are so critical and so important."

Pence talked about nominating conservative judges to the Supreme Court and encouraged people to vote for Republicans across the ballot.

"People in North Carolina are going to play a very significant role in the decision the American people are going to make about the White House, but make no mistake about it - Donald Trump and I are committed to seeing Republican majorities," Pence told WBTV in a one-on-one interview after the rally.

But not everyone wanted Pence's message to come to Catawba College. Students wearing black stood in the crowd during the rally and left before it was over with their fists raised in the air. Across the street, the students gathered, sang and explained why.

"A lot of people weren't happy with the email that our president sent out about this happening on our campus, so this is just us expressing how we feel," said junior Alexis Beverly.

Isley supports the Trump/Pence ticket as well as the students' right to protest.

"They have a right to be standing there and doing that," Isley said. "That's what makes America great."

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