Trampoline facility turns down the noise for kids with autism

Sky High plans event for kids with autism

PINEVILLE, NC (WBTV) - What's normally a very loud and busy place was all quiet Tuesday afternoon. Sky High Sports in Pineville turned off the music and other distractions so kids on the autism spectrum could enjoy the fun too.

It's a plan to include everybody and it's also raising money for Autism Speaks.

"I have three other siblings that are autistic like me. We love coming here. It's a great opportunity because we love catching up with other autistic kids," said Lizzie.

That is the point of this gathering. So kids can hang out with other kids just like them and have fun. In a setting where loud noises aren't a problem and distractions are turned down to a minimum.

This event also kicks off a month-long partnership with Autism Speaks and Sky High Sports all over the country. For the month of October, when you purchase a pair of these socks for $2.25, one dollar goes back to Autism Speaks.

It's a great way to raise money for the cause, while making sure the kids it helps can enjoy themselves.

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