Sheriff: 75 year-old-man charged in Stanly County homicide, motive unclear

Sheriff: 75 year-old-man charged in Stanly County homicide, motive unclear

STANLY COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A 75 year-old-man is being held in the Stanly County Jail on a murder charge.

According to a report from the Stanly County Sheriff's Office, Buford Eugene Misenheimer, 75, was charged with murder on Monday at his home in the 20300 block of Highway 73.

Deputies were called to the home on Monday afternoon.  When they arrived they found Thomas Andrew Kindlon, 26, lying in the yard of the home.  EMS was called, but Kindlon died.

Investigators from the Stanly County Sheriff's Office and the SBI are looking into the case.  They say Kindlon was the adopted grandson of homeowner Bill Cody.  Kindlon had been staying with the Cody's.

Misenheimer rented a basement apartment in the Cody home, according to investigators, and had lived there for approximately sixteen years.

According to the report, Cody and Kindlon were outside the home loading equipment onto a truck on Monday afternoon when Misenheimer came outside carrying a semi-automatic handgun.  Misenheimer opened fire on both Cody and Kindlon.

Bill Cody was able to get the gun from Misenheimer.

Neighbor Beacy Huneycutt knew the Cody family, but had only occasionally spoken to suspect Gene Misenheimer.

"If I was out here working, he would stop and talk, nice, I just thought he was real nice," Huneycutt said.

Sheriff George T. Burris said that the motive behind behind the shooting is unclear at this point in the investigation.

"The young man came up from Florida just to help out around the house, he'd been up here approximately a week, met the suspect.  Why this happened we can't figure out," Sheriff Burris said. "When you  let a person stay in your home for 16 years there's a certain amount of confidence and respect and caring for that person ad for them to do this it's just really got us puzzled."

Burris added that alcohol was likely a factor in the shooting.

"We believe alcohol was involved, and we don't know if too much alcohol and tempers flared and what happened but it was just a tragic incident and we're not sure why it happened," Burris said. "When they're under the influence and rational thinking is gone and they're on the edge."

Misenheimer is being held without bond.

Acknowledging the sensitive nature of the response to  the call on Monday, Sheriff Burris had words of praise for neighbors and agencies.

"We appreciate the public stood by and did not try to impede the investigation," Sheriff Burris added. "Our EMS was top notch, our fire departments was top notch, they knew what happened at the scene, they pulled back.  When you get a good working relationship and our citizens were not getting in the way because they understand we're going to do all we can as far as their protection, well being…to have the citizens trust and other agencies, for a sheriff it means a lot, so I just want to tell them thank you for letting us do our jobs."

In 1995 Misenheimer was charged with firing a firearm into occupied property.  He also has charges in the 1990's for burning personal property and reckless driving, according to NC Department Of Corrections records.

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