Fall auto service tips!

Fall auto service tips!
Charlotte Toyota Service
Charlotte Toyota Service
Keeping up with car maintenance is crucial to the wellbeing of your car. If you want to have a reliable ride to get you to work and school, you have to make sure it’s well-maintained. With the changing of seasons, your car needs routine auto service. Each different season brings different conditions and hazards on the road that your car needs to be ready for. Before fall gets into full swing, have your car taken care of at our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte!

Fall Car Care Tips

When the temperatures begin to drop and the pumpkin spice flavors come out, it’s time to bring your car to our Charlotte auto service center! Our Toyota-trained technicians will look over your car from bumper to bumper, inspecting elements like:
  • Tires – for low or high tire pressure, damages like tears and holes, or tread wear. Depending on the condition of your tires, our auto service technicians may perform a tire rotation and wheel alignment.
  • Fluids – if your vehicle needs an oil change or if any fluids need to be topped off after a hot summer. Summer can be detrimental to the coolant levels in your car.
  • Brakes – for worn down brake pads, clogs in the brake lines, low brake fluid, or problems with other brake components. If your car is vibrating when you brake, you may need to auto repairs for your brake rotors.
  • Battery – testing the charge and voltage of the battery and replacing it if necessary. Car batteries are only made to last for three to five years. If you’ve owned your car for this amount of time, you may need a car battery replacement.
Our auto service technicians also recommend getting headlight restoration and windshield wiper replacements for fall. A headlight restoration removes the foggy or yellow coloring from your headlights, and allows them to shine bright out on the road ahead. You should have your windshield wipers replaced if they begin to skip across the windshield or push the water around rather than wipe it. Having both of these services done if necessary is important so you have maximum visibility on the road. During the fall, weather conditions like rain, fog, and frost require driving with maximum visibility.

Drive safe with Charlotte auto service!

Fall is peak time for falling foliage and frolicking forest animals. When you’re out on the road during fall, make sure you keep an eye out for wet leaves or animals crossing the road. Wet leaves can be just as dangerous as snow and ice on the roads. Animals, like deer, can be unpredictable and may jump in front of your car.
Having your car prepped with auto service helps keep you safe in these conditions and hazards. Safe tires can prevent you from sliding or losing control on the leaves, while fresh brake pads can stop you from hitting an animal that’s wandered into your lane.
To schedule an appointment for fall auto service, call our Charlotte auto service center at (888) 378-1214!