Family asks for yearbook misprint to be fixed

Family wants yearbook misspelling fixed

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The yearbook is the prized possession of most high school seniors. The photos inside tell the story of the year before they went off to jobs or college. The scribbled signatures and special messages from their classmates are cherished well into their adult years.

When Eryn Rauch looks at her yearbook, she sees a mistake.

The senior at Forestview High School in Gastonia didn't even notice the misspelling at first. She was caught up in the excitement of sharing the book with her friends and asking them to sign it.

It is a mistake that to many of us might not seem like a big deal. To her mother and grandmother, who just wanted Eryn's yearbook to be perfect, it is a big error.

"I wanted this to represent her as the unique and special person that she is and to have everybody else see her the way I see her," Eryn's mother Tammy Rauch said.

The family paid $300 to put a special senior page into the book. It included photos of Eryn, as a child and teen, and had her name on the page.

Despite the family entering that information properly when submitting it to the school, Eryn's last name was spelled wrong on her special senior page.

"I would like it have been just like I submitted it to them but it didn't turn out that way," Rauch said.

Calls to Josten's, which prints the books but was not responsible for the error, resulted in the company sending special stickers, enough for Eryn and her friends, to go over the mistake.

The family also called the school and were offered $150 of the $300 they paid.

"I just don't understand why it can't be completely resolved.  Just say let's fix it and if we can't fix it, just give me my money back, that's all," said Eryn's grandmother Pat Dye.

Experts in the field will tell you to remember two things.  Yearbook staff is mainly made up of students who are continuing to learn and mistakes do happen.  That's why they also say it is very important to ask if it is possible to see a proof of a page before it goes to print so you can lay your eyes on it to make sure it is what you are looking for.

We made some calls to the school to see if we could help the Rauch family in their quest.

Not only did district leaders apologize, and refund the full $300, but they also went above and beyond and refunded the full price of the yearbook itself.

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