Warrants issued for teens involved in assault of CMS employee

Four students facing charges

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Warrants have been issued for four students at a Charlotte high school for their involvement in an assault that left a CMS employee with a concussion.

The assault, which was against staff member Inez Albright by several students at Harding High School, was caught on cell phone video then shared on social media. Albright, a Behavior Modification Technician (BMT), said the trouble started when she was telling students to get back to class.

Albright said she called for backup but it didn't arrive in time before students attacked her. She told WBTV on Thursday that she suffered a concussion, has some swelling and is in pain.

CMS officials confirmed Friday that warrants had been signed for four students for assault on school personnel. Officials said they were three females and one male, all between 16 and 19 years old.

WBTV obtained warrants for two of the four students, a 16-year-old who we are not naming due to their age, and 18-year-old Shaquila Hill.

The officials said the teens' parents have been given the opportunity to turn their children in.

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