Panthers’ Cam Newton, Charlotte fourth-grader visit Michelle Obama

Panthers’ Cam Newton, Charlotte fourth-grader visit Michelle Obama

WASHINGTON, DC (Jane Little/The Charlotte Observer) - Cam Newton recently took a 10-year-old Charlotte girl to the White House to visit first lady Michelle Obama for an episode of his new television series.

Rosie Smolowitz, a fourth-grader, talked about her dreams of becoming president as she spent time in the White House Rose Garden with the first lady and the Carolina Panthers quarterback.

"Don't let anybody stop you from your dreams," Obama said. "Because I could have never dreamed of living here but here I am, the first lady of the United States. And, Cam, you reached your dreams for sure."

Newton's series, "All In with Cam Newton" will premiere Friday at 8 p.m. on Nickelodeon.

According to press secretary Joanna Rosholm, Obama also talked about the initiative "Every Kid in a Park," which gives free admission to fourth-graders and their families who visit national parks and forests, public lands and waters.

"In celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the National Park Services, we've created a program called 'Every Kid in a Park,' where we're trying to encourage kids like you to explore our national parks wherever they are," Obama said.

Rosie is one of about 35 kids featured on the show.

In the episodes, Newton gets to know each child and pairs him or her with a mentor. As he helps them pursue their dreams, Newton goes through the experience with the mentor and the child.

Other mentors include magician David Copperfield and former WNBA star Lisa Leslie.

Newton shot the majority of the show in Los Angeles and Charlotte during the offseason. Since earlier this year, Newton has shot 20 half-hour-long episodes.

No broadcast date has been set for the episode that features Rosie.