Concerns after transgender student caught using bathroom with pants down

Concerns after transgender student caught using bathroom with pants down

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) District is dealing with transgender students using the bathroom they identify with.

Recently, an Olympic High School student, who was born female but identifies as male, had to use the restroom. That student couldn't wait for the accommodations that were planned, so he went into the boy's restroom. The student pulled his pants down to use the bathroom as a male student walked in.

That student saw the image and immediately walked out.

Parents quickly emailed the school district, concerned that if the wrong student walked in, there could have been trouble. WBTV was told administrators are tightening up the plan and talked to the student.

The question now is since the Federal Government sent a letter to all North Carolina public schools instructing them to let students use the bathroom they identify with, can the school district prevent this from happening again?

CMS sent WBTV a statement regarding its actions concerning the letter from the federal government.

"CMS has received the correspondence from the US Department of Education and Department of Justice providing joint guidance on Title IX," the statement read. "CMS will review the guidelines to determine how they may inform our efforts to provide inclusive environments for all of our students."

Republican State Representative Craig Horn is concerned about the letter sent to schools. He told WBTV he has received emails from parents worried about their children's safety while at school.

"There certainly could be a safety issue," Horn said. "I am not ringing the bell of fear, but I have to be concerned. Kids are kids, we do crazy things."

The politician thinks the federal government could spend its time with other matters instead of putting attention on bathroom stalls.

"Certainly wish they would express at least as much interest in with what's happening to underserved kids, failing schools, violence in schools, making sure kids get a great education," he said.

Olympic High School parents WBTV talked with didn't know about the incident. Some said it wasn't a big deal, while others voiced their concern to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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