Prep your car for summer with auto service

Prep your car for summer with auto service
Summer is almost here, which means the hotter months are upon us. The heat beats down on you, but it also beats down on your car. While you may be able to escape the sun inside your home, your car can’t always get out of the heat. Before summer is in full swing, bring your car to our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte! Our auto service experts can get your car prepped for the rise in temperatures.

Get your car in tip-top shape with auto service!

No one wants to face the summer heat with an unreliable car. Nothing sounds worse than being stranded on the side of the road in the unwavering heat of the summer season. You can help prevent breakdowns with routine auto service at our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte!
  • Have your radiator and coolant checked. If your radiator is leaking or you’re low on coolant, your car can overheat. With extreme temperatures, your engine is more likely to overheat without a working cooling system.
  • Fix your air conditioning. Have you been procrastinating on having your A/C fixed? Winter is over, and you’re going to want that cooling system soon! Our Toyota service techs can get it working in no time!
  • Get an oil change. Your vehicle needs a Charlotte oil change, especially if you haven’t had one since winter! This crucial auto service will keep your car running smoothly.
  • Check your tire pressure. Changes in temperatures cause your car tires to gain or lose air. Improper tire pressure can cause uneven wear or decreased fuel economy. Have the tire pressure checked at our Charlotte auto service center.

Prep your car at our Charlotte Toyota Parts Center!

Mechanically, your car is now ready for the summer – but is the exterior and interior ready? Intense heat and extreme sun exposure can cause irreparable damages to the appearance of your car. To prevent damages and keep your car in pristine condition, you should:
  • Wash and wax your car. Washing it removes dirt and grime from the exterior so it doesn’t get baked into the paint. A layer of wax on your car protects the sun’s rays from fading or cracking your exterior paint.
  • Buy a sunshade. A sunshade propped up in your front windshield stops the sun from coming through and keeps the heat down dramatically. It also prevents your upholstery and dashboard from cracking or fading.
  • Buy steering wheel and seat covers. If you don’t want your seats or steering wheel to deteriorate, these accessories can prevent the sun from causing damage.
  • Get your windows tinted. Window tint not only blocks out harmful sun rays, but it also keeps your car cooler while it sits outside. Tint will also help keep your leather seats from drying out and cracking.
Show summer who’s boss with help from our Charlotte auto service center! We can get your car prepped and help you beat the heat. To catch up on Toyota service or to shop Toyota parts, visit us at 13429 Statesville Road. We’re located just off of I-77 at exit 23!