Amazing painting dog fetches beer and wine, and more

Local dog can do more than paint

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's something you truly have to see to believe. Ivy, a three-year-old Australian Shepherd, can perform the standard sit, roll over and play dead, but she has an arsenal of other tricks that most people only wish their dogs could do.

"Someone said, 'it would be cool if you taught her how to paint,'" said owner and trainer extraordinaire Lisa Kite. "so for Christmas I bought her an easel."

The retired Charlotte nurse has taught Ivy to take a specially modified paint brush and stroke it over an easel, creating images that are abstract, but pretty incredible when you consider they're done by a dog. Lisa even sells some of Ivy's finest works through her Instagram page, but admits she gives away more than she sells.

Ivy is far from a one or two or even fifty trick pony.

Months ago, Lisa started teaching Ivy not only to fetch beer, but wine and water as well.

"Go get mommy some wine!" she commands the attentive pup. Ivy walks to a small fridge and tugs on a cloth toy attached to the door and, sure enough, brings Lisa a whole bottle of wine.

"Mommy would like a beer now, get Mommy a beer," Ivy again opens the fridge and fetches a chilled Heineken. She then noses the door shut with her muzzle. Lisa says the trick comes in especially handy when her grown children come home for visits.

"It doesn't matter what it is, she just loves to interact. She's a worker and she has a very strong work ethic," Lisa said.

Ivy also helps sort laundry, turns lights off and on, and even bows to say her prayers each morning before breakfast.

You can join Ivy's thousands of followers on social media by checking out her Instagram account @ivykitetheaussie, or see some of her artwork for sale at @availablepaintingsbyivy.

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