N Charlotte Toyota tips for driving in heavy traffic

N Charlotte Toyota tips for driving in heavy traffic
Living in the big city has its advantages like stores and restaurants being so conveniently close and there’s always something going on, but the urban life has its drawbacks too – like traffic. It’s hard to go anywhere without hitting some sort of congestion, especially in the mornings and evenings. Traffic comes with the territory of living in a city, so it’s best that you learn some tips on how to handle heavy traffic in your N Charlotte Toyota!

Take on heavy traffic in a N Charlotte Toyota!

Stay calm

It’s hard to make rational decisions when you’re stressed out. It only gets worse when you start to panic that you’ll be late to work or school. If you’re stuck in traffic, the first thing to remember is to remain calm and keep your cool.

Don't use cruise control

Does your N Charlotte Toyota have a handy tool named cruise control? If so, you know that it’s for regulating your speed. However, when you’re driving in heavy traffic, you should not use cruise control. It’s not only useless in stop-and-go traffic, but it’s also dangerous. You could end up colliding with another vehicle.

Avoid distractions

Keep your eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and your mind focused on driving. You should avoid all distractions that take away from that, like your cell phone. You should never text and drive. Instead, put your phone somewhere out of reach and out sight, so you’re not tempted to even check it. Distracted driving, especially in heavy traffic, could cause a car accident.

Slow down

While you may not be able to always drive up to the speed limit, it’s important that you don’t try to floor it when you see a gap. You should change lanes and move through traffic slowly and carefully.

Use defensive driving

It’s important to stay alert while driving your N Charlotte Toyota in heavy traffic. When using defensive driving, you should pay attention to other drivers on the road and anticipate the moves they make. You should also leave a safe following distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you. Some drivers run out of patience and make unsafe moves in congested traffic. Defensive driving in your N Charlotte Toyota also involves:
  • Always wear your seatbelt. It’s the law!
  • Follow road rules. Come to full stops at stop signs and yield to oncoming traffic.

Have a pleasant commute with these safe driving tips!

Toyota of N Charlotte wants you to enjoy your drive more, and that’s why we suggest getting a new Toyota car that comes with technology like Entune App Suite. This feature allows you to access applications that provide you with real-time traffic conditions. New Toyota cars also have available Entune Navigation, that can find you faster and clearer routes to your destination, all while giving you turn-by-turn directions.
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