Woman shot in domestic dispute dies, murder charges expected

Woman shot in domestic dispute dies, murder charges expected

A Hickory man had a first appearance before a judge on Tuesday on charges of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

James Thacker was charged on Monday after a woman was shot twice just before 10:40 a.m. at the home they were sharing on 11th Street NE. Tammy Cloninger was rushed to the hospital and Thacker, who was taken into custody a few blocks away, went to jail.

Late Monday night, Cloninger died. So far, charges have not been upgraded against Thacker, and that's why his appearance before a judge Tuesday dealt with the lesser charge.

He was a given a court-appointed attorney and another court date in March. Hickory Police have indicated additional charges will be filed but did not say when.

In the neighborhood where it happened, Anthony Moore said he was surprised by the events.

"This is a quiet place where people watch out for each other," Moore said. He said when he saw a line of patrol cars across the street on Monday, he "knew something was wrong."

Moore said he didn't know the couple, but saw Thacker from time to time.

"They kept to themselves," he said.

Police are not releasing many details about what they think happened except that evidence indicates a domestic dispute led to the shooting.

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