Panthers' Twitter account 'on fire' as team pounds way to Super Bowl

Published: Jan. 29, 2016 at 3:05 AM EST|Updated: Jan. 29, 2016 at 3:11 AM EST
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Super Bowl-bound Panthers have been on fire this season, but it hasn't just been the team's progress on the field that people have noticed. The team's social media presence has been lights out this season.

The team's Twitter account has not only been on top of team events such as practices, injury reports and game reports, but they've pulled out the stops on the hashtags, gifs and Vines.

If you are a fan, they will pump you up.

And if you're gonna mouth off, you might want to have a bottle of aloe because you might get burned.

Actor Rainn Wilson, popular for his role as Dwight on "The Office," learned this first hand a couple weeks ago when he tweeted "Can we just fast-forward to the inevitable Seahawks / Pats Super Bowl already!"

When the Panthers beat the Seattle Seahawks to advance to the NFC Championship game, the Panthers' account had just the right message for him.

The message caught fire online, being retweeted thousands of times and being the topic of conversations online. The tweet even became a trending topic on Facebook.

NFL trying to call someone other than Cam Newton "The Man of Steel"?  One word and one picture was all it took.

The Panthers' account is now the fourth most popular NFL account in the league, with 1.22 million followers. This week, the Panthers passed the Green Bay Packers.

The voice leading the growing giant was modest when asked about the account's success online.

"Winning and having popular players creates the opportunity for quality content and growth,"said Dan LaTorraca, Manager of Digital Content and Strategy for the Panthers. "We've seen a strong increase in web and social metrics across the board this season."

LaTorraca isn't kidding.

According to an annual report for the NFL, the Panthers had 504,000 followers in August - the start of the season. They were the 18th most popular account.

But it's not just the number of people following the account. Because of the team's creativity and wit, they are getting huge engagement online.

The team ranks second in total engagement on Twitter, but takes the top spot for the average engagement rate per post.

So who takes the top three spots?

The Patriots top the list, followed by the Cowboys and the Broncos, who the Panthers will face in Super Bowl 50 on February 7. You may want to watch along online as the teams face off - it is bound to be good.

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