Panthers Super Bowl sign design proves toughest task for church 'sign lady'

Panthers Super Bowl sign design proves toughest task for church 'sign lady'

CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - What started as an ice breaker has now become a full blown obsession. Pastor Clark Remsburg and Deah Calloway are brainstorming inside the pastor's office at Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church in Concord.

Powered by coffee, these sessions go from serious to light hearted faster than Panthers put away the Cardinals last Sunday.

Their goal is to weave Panthers pride into scripture. That message will go on the welcome sign in the front of the church and share the word of God to those driving along Poplar Tent Rd.

But they've got one problem. Their first sign creation went viral. The second is well on it's way and the sign they're currently brainstorming is for the Super Bowl.

"This morning I'm like what are we gonna say... What are we gonna write," said Calloway, slightly frazzled.

Seconds after the Panthers put the Cardinals out of their misery Sunday, Calloway's phone lit up.

"I started getting text messages," said Calloway. "I started getting Facebook messages saying 'Don't keep us waiting' and 'What are you going to write?'"

It all started days before the Panthers plucked the Seahawks in the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs. Calloway decided she would redesign the church's welcome sign with a Panthers twist.

"God has no favorites but the sign lady does, Go Panthers!"

Her first sign was almost immediately a success. People pulled over to pose for pictures next to the sign. On Facebook, more than 50,000 people viewed the original post put up by the church. Since then they've gotten more than 6,000 likes from people all over the country.

Calloway said her Dad even saw the sign hit the news in West Virginia.

"We really have a good time with it," she said.

When Cardinals came to town a week after the Seahawks, Calloway made another sign. This one said, "God loves a cheerful giver so sign lady says give the Cardinals heck!"

And heck the Panthers gave them. Another church sign zinger lead to another Panthers victory and many more pictures and posts of Calloway's latest creation.

"It's real important that we communicate a proof about who God is," said Pastor Clark during their Monday morning brainstorming session.

After going through a list of ideas, silence filled the room before Calloway put pen on paper,  "I think that's one of my favorites."

After working as hard a Cam and Keuchly, these two Presbyterians filled with Panthers pride have done it again.

The welcome sign now reads, "Taste & See God is good... Sign Lady says the Broncos will taste defeat."

After talking through a handful of ideas and flipping through pages of script, they settled on a winner.

"It's a little more stressful this morning than fun," said Calloway. "But it's just been amazingly fun."

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