Masked bank robbers foiled by double doors

Masked bank robbers foiled by double doors

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) - Police say three masked people tried to get into a credit union in Gastonia, but were not able to get in.

The three reportedly tried to get into the Fort Financial Credit Union off of North New Hope Road, Monday morning. Witnesses say they were wearing surgical masks and had guns with them. Police say two men and one woman were responsible for the incident.

Police say the locking mechanism kicked in when the people tried to open both doors to the bank at once. The doors locked and they were unable to get in.

"That's a security mechanism for the bank and it is a good piece of equipment," said  Sgt. Heath McMullan with the Gastonia Police Department.

McMullan said the number of suspects involved in the incident is unusual for Gastonia.

"It's rare that you actually have three people in our area trying to rob a bank so I don't if it's organized or somebody just desperate enough to try get a quick hit and get some money," said McMullan.

This happened right next to a Childcare Network where children were playing outside, but everyone is fine.

"They coming in with guns you know. One of the bullets could have went through and hit the daycare right there," said Lewis Quinn, a patron visiting the bank when police arrived.

Leah Davis, the director of the Childcare Network facility, said that a teacher noticed the police outside of the bank and alerted the staff.

"We immediately go into lockdown mode because we're not sure. We alerted our teachers and asked them to lock all their doors," Davis explained.

She said the facility services approximately 100 kids during the day, and she noted that this is the first time employees have seen such a serious situation nearby.

"It's very concerning to us, but we have security on our building so all of our doors are locked," she said.

Police believe the suspects left in a silver or gray Grand Prix.

"They need to go get a job instead of robbing people of their hard-earned money," said Quinn regarding the suspects.

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