Walmart scam arriving in local mailboxes

Walmart scam arriving in local mailboxes

BELMONT, NC (WBTV) - At first glance, a Belmont woman's special delivery looked like a Christmas miracle.

"It's got the Walmart name, the address," Anita Roberts said.

A letter that appeared to come from the mega retailer and a check for nearly $2,000 arrived in Roberts' mailbox Monday afternoon.

"It was for $1,997.15," Roberts said.

But after doing a double take, Roberts said she quickly realized something wasn't right.

"It was a scam," she said.

Inside the letter, an at home shopping job proposal from Walmart, along with upfront payment, but Roberts says she immediately noticed a red flag.

"I looked at the envelope and the post mark says Madrid," Roberts said.

The Spanish stamp wasn't the only discrepancy - the check also came from Wachovia, a bank that no longer exists. But Roberts worries others won't spot these signs.

"I think it's a rotten thing to do. They shouldn't be doing it," Roberts said.

The letter told Roberts to sign into a website to activate the check, but she didn't. Many scams like this ask their prey to case the fake check and wire a certain amount back to them. Once the victim realizes it's a scam, their money is gone and so are the scammers.

"It just makes me angry that people are out there like this," Roberts said.

So before you celebrate your big surprise payout, Roberts has one piece of advice.

"Look at the little things," Roberts said.

Roberts called her local Walmart in Belmont who confirmed it was a scam, they also asked for the letter and check to report it to their corporate offices.

WBTV reached to Walmart for a comment but have not heard back.

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