Early primary may make it tough for NC candidates

Early primary may make it tough for NC candidates

. - Extra computers are lining the counters at the Mecklenburg County Board of elections, and there's a simple for reason for that.
Candidates will start filing for office on Tuesday, December 1 at noon.

An onslaught of local candidates will soon have their right hands raised to be begin the official start to North Carolina's 2016 campaign season.

Elections Supervisor Michael Dickerson has been getting ready for weeks, and driving the new calendar in our state is next year's race to the White House.

"We're starting a little early this year, about two months early in the month of December," he said. "Having a March primary, if you're running for local office you're sharing that with a presidential candidate, because that's also on the ballot."

In addition to presidential politics, the governor's race will also make it tough for hometown candidates to get their messages out.

Dr. Eric Helberg of UNC Charlotte says local candidates may have end up doing it the old fashion way.

"Knocking on doors, direct mail, phone calls the more traditional grass roots oriented ways of communicating with voters, because going through television advertising or radio advertising is probably going to be prohibitively expensive for them," he said.

The new campaign calendar isn't the only big change in 2016.

"Photo ID all of those things that will be coming up next year," Dickerson said.

The 2016 Primary is scheduled for March 15.

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