Recipe: Apple Smoked Seasonal Spiced Turkey

Recipe courtesy: Robert 'Ernie" Adler of Ernie's Smokehouse. Click here to put in your Thanksgiving order.

Grilled Turkey in a Seasonal Brine

· 2 quarts apple juice or cider
· 1 lb. light brown sugar
· 3/4 cup coarse Kosher Sale
· 3 quarts water
· 3 oranges quarters
· 4 ounces ginger (fresh peeled thin or 2 oz. powder)
· 15 whole cloves
· 6 bay leaves
· 6 garlic cloves crushed

· Heat apple juice with brown sugar and salt to dissolve, let cool.
· Purchase food grade paint bucket and lid (available at hardware stores)
· Clean turkey and place in bucket with all above ingredients (squeeze oranges), cover tightly, place in refrigerator for 12-24 hours.
· After that time take out of bucket, place on roasting rack, and return to refrigerator uncovered overnight.

· Same cooking process as in the oven. Place turkey on a roasting rack and in a pan, place on the grill preheated to 325 degrees with chicken stock to cover the bottom.
· If smoking use fruit or mild woods (apple, cherry, orange, alder). I suggest only smoking for one hour at most so the smoke does not overpower the turkey.
· Add potatoes, carrots, and onions to the pan half way through and make sure to baste it.
· When internal temperature hits 165 in thickest part it's done.
· Let rest for 15 minutes before carving.