SouthPark mall's glacier set melts in face of criticism

SouthPark mall's glacier set melts in face of criticism

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Simon mall's new Santa set caused a stir across the nation when it put tradition aside for a "glacier" experience. SouthPark mall in Charlotte was one of the first in the country to get the new set up.

Sunday, the company said the short lived glacier set is coming down and being replaced with traditional decor centering around Christmas trees.

David Contis, with Simon Malls says the decision was made after listening to customer feedback.

"Our focus is on 'Spreading Love' which is the theme throughout all of our shopping centers during the holiday season and we are looking forward to celebrating the holidays with our shoppers as we do every year," Contis said.

The Santa set was put up Friday and got a cold reception, so much so, Saturday, they said they would incorporate Christmas trees into the "glacier" installation.

The glacier was being dismantled at SouthPark on Sunday. Workers told WBTV that the ice chandelier is coming down as well and the tree will move into its place on Monday.

Friday, SouthPark mall in Charlotte made headlines when they said they were putting in a "glacier" Santa experience in place of their traditional display that included Santa and a Christmas tree in the middle of the mall.

In a statement from the mall, they said their goal with the new Santa display was to add a tradition that would be "fresh and exciting."

Thousands sounded off about their dislike for the idea, saying they would boycott the mall and that the structure looked like an egg or something from outer space. On Twitter, hashtags like #glaciergate and #BringBackTheTree started trending. A petition was even started on that had over 23,900 signatures.

David Britt and his children wrote a song to mock the glacier display. It's titled "Have A Holly Jolly Glacier". Britt and his family said they were excited to learn that the new display was being done away with.
“You don’t mess with Christmas. There are some things you don’t mess with and that would be one,” said Britt in an interview Sunday.

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