Plan your holiday road trips now

Plan your holiday road trip now
Updated: Oct. 24, 2015 at 1:00 PM EDT
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Planning your holiday road trips

With Holiday season around the corner many families will be traveling to celebrate with extended families. 90% will travel by car. Travel expert, Tamela Rich, stopped by WBTV News Saturday Morning to talk about the importance of planning ahead.

1. AUDIO BOOKS. Let's say your extended family lives in a place where an historical event took place. Maybe your family has a distinctive ethnicity or a noteworthy ancestor. Get an audio book on that topic and listen together as you travel. The Library system has free audio books, or you can buy them from Audible. This is part of building literacy, a task that is not finished when kids learn how to read themselves. Details here. Many books will have online readers' guides, which will be the basis of hearty family discussions. If your child has a book report this is a great way to make a book choice and to discuss the book together...and to get a much better grade as a result.

2. PLAN YOUR STOPS. Do some research together (get the kids involved in an age-appropriate way) and find some interesting stops where something happened that align with the ancestry theme or any other theme of interest. For example, where a battle was waged or an invention is celebrated. Maybe you want to eat at all German restaurants going to Grandma's and all Italian coming home.

3. CATER TO FAMILY INTERESTS when planning stops. If someone is a rock hound and someone else is an animal lover, plan stops accordingly. You'll have much less whining.

4. MAKE SCRAP BOOKS and VIDEOs of your trip. Everyone take fun shots and make a digital or physical scrap book of the trip. They will make great holiday presents for family members who already "have everything." With mobile phone apps you can record lots of video and splice them together to make a fun movie of the trip. When kids are looking out for fun places to shoot photos and video, the trip goes much more easily.

5. OLD SCHOOL GAMES. Back in the dark ages before minivans and on board entertainment systems families played a variety of road trip games. I can talk about some easy ones.