Shopping for auto parts can be overwhelming or stressful because it seems that the options are endless. “How do I know which part is best?” is a question you may be asking yourself while auto part shopping. If this is your question, we can help! While browsing for the Charlotte auto part your car needs, it all begins with one decision – OEM auto parts or aftermarket car parts? Once you know which of these is best for your car, then buying the auto part you need becomes simple!
If you’re wondering what the difference between these two types are, we can explain!
  • OEM auto parts are made and produced by the manufacturer of your vehicle. These auto parts come straight from the manufacturer and are designed specifically for your car.
  • Aftermarket car parts are made by a company other than your car’s manufacturer. These third party companies typically produce car parts for vehicle of all types of makes and models.
The reason why you have to decide between these two types is because this is how you know where to start looking. If you’re looking for OEM auto parts, you can visit a car dealership. For example, at Toyota of N Charlotte our Toyota Parts Center carries genuine Toyota parts.
By choosing Charlotte aftermarket car parts, you can shop at your local automotive store or even our parts center. These retailers typically carry a variety of auto parts meant for a variety of vehicles.
To help make the decision easier for you, we’re listing the pros and cons of both OEM auto parts and aftermarket car parts.
The benefits of OEM auto parts include:
  • Quality: Genuine Toyota Parts in Charlotte are trusty and reliable. By being made at a manufacturer, you can rest easy knowing OEM parts are high quality.
  • Warranties: Some OEM products come with warranties that guarantee free replacement if it’s not right.
  • Less research: With only one company making these parts, you don’t have to read reviews to know which the better buy is.
The disadvantages are:
  • Higher price: OEM auto parts typically come with a more expensive price tag because, well, you get what you pay for!
  • Inconvenience: If your car has been discontinued, you may find it more difficult to locate the OEM auto part you need.
The advantages of using aftermarket car parts are:
  • Less expensive: These auto parts are mass produced by different companies so they are priced competitively.
  • Abundance: Since they are made by so many third party companies, there is a better chance you find exactly what you’re looking for when searching for an aftermarket car part in Charlotte.
Sometimes, cons of buying aftermarket car parts include:
  • Malfunctioning: If these auto parts tend to be cheaper, there is more of a chance they could be faulty, malfunction or break while in use.
  • Research: You may have to spend time researching which company manufacturers the best quality product.
If you need help finding the auto parts you need, our Charlotte Toyota Parts associates can help! Give us a call at (888) 378-1214!