Neighbors worry about wildlife after hog killed in Gaston Co neighborhood

Neighbors worry about wildlife after hog killed in Gaston Co neighborhood

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Those living off of Wimbledon Drive in the Dallas area are worried about wildlife wandering into their community.

Gaston County Animal Care and Enforcement responded to the 4000 block of Wimbledon Drive Sunday where there were reports of a vicious hog that had been charging residents in the area and damaging property, according to Captain Jentsch with the Gaston County Police Department.

Jentsch said that a neighbor shot the hog before Gaston County Police officers arrived on scene and euthanized the animal.

"You're allowed to defend yourself, other residents, and property, but we would encourage you to seek a safe place where you can get away from any danger and contact us," said Jentsch in an interview Tuesday.

Jennifer Gray, a resident of Wimbledon Drive, said she saw the hog wandering through her yard and damaging her trash cans. She said that in the past six months there have been sightings of a bear and a mountain lion in her neighborhood, and she worries about another animal wandering into the community.

"I'm not comfortable with knowing that it might happen again," said Gray.

She said she now arms herself with a baseball bat before she walks her child to the bus stop in the mornings. Gray said she was also alarmed when one of her neighbors tried to kill the hog with a firearm.

"That was probably as scary as the wild (hog)," explained Gray. "Let the correct authorities take care of it. Don't by any means try to go out there and handle it yourself."

Jentsch said the animal's body is being sent away for rabies testing. He said the sighting of the hog is not a normal occurrence for his agency.

"It's not something we hear about every day in Gaston County," said Jentsch.

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