Police work with USPS to investigate mail and parcel thefts

Published: Aug. 25, 2015 at 9:41 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 24, 2015 at 10:10 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The US Postal Service is warning neighbors in south Charlotte and Matthews about mail thefts. Packages from delivery trucks are also being stolen as soon as they are dropped off.

The USPS says zip codes affected include:  28210, 28211, 28270, 28277, and 28105.

Police believe the thieves are targeting gift cards, financial information, and hoping to steal packages with valuable contents.

Julie Moffatt believes she may have been a victim.

Her family received a letter from the USPS last week on how to report potential thefts.

"It really made me think about the fact that I was supposed to receive t things from the Post Office…that I haven't received yet," she said.
Moffatt may also help police solve the case. She noticed three kids in unfamiliar car stopped on her street; then she actually saw them in action behind a delivery truck and tried to get a tag number.
"Probably within ten minutes they had stolen from my across the street neighbor and then moved on to the next house," she said.
"From everything we're hearing it's the whole southeast area of the county," said Officer Tim Aycock with the Matthews Police Department, which is working with the USPS.
He realizes no one can guard their mail box, or front porch all the time, but he said there are steps people can take to reduce their chance of being a victim.
He recommends taking care of more financial business online and become friendly with neighbors to increase awareness.
Moffatt says her neighbors are talking and watching. "That's kind of how it is, everybody takes care of everyone else," she said.
Police have limited suspect information. Initially, the believed three white males in their late teens or early 20's could be involved. They were spotted driving a newer, black Honda with a temporary tag.
Aycock said it's unclear whether all the cases are connected.
Stealing mail from a mailbox is federal crime.

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