VIRAL VIDEO: Young boy eats Carolina Reaper pepper

VIRAL VIDEO: Young boy eats Carolina Reaper pepper

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Video of a 9-year-old boy is making rounds online after the youngster decided to try eating more than a little piece of Fort Mill's own "Carolina Reaper."

The boy goes by "Pikachu the Pokemon" on YouTube, where he has a mix of gameplay videos and random videos.

But the one with the most clicks came three days ago when he attempted to eat the Carolina Reaper pepper, which currently holds the title of hottest pepper in the world.


The Carolina Reaper measures a 1.6 million units on the Scoville Scale. For some perspective, a jalapeno pepper measures around 6,000 units.

The creator of the pepper, Ed Currie, has created a new pepper that is called simply HP56 and measures almost 3 million units. It has yet to be unveiled.

The Carolina Reaper is sold at the "Pucker Butt Pepper Company" in downtown Fort Mill, but the young boy in the video says he ordered the pepper from Amazon.

He puts an entire chunk of the pepper in his mouth and you can tell he immediately regrets it.

"When I turned off the camera and was about to cry, it was burning my mouth and my throat was on fire. Literally," he said in a follow up video. "Later on, my stomach was burning like Satan was burning me with fire. It was so sore. I'm not joking."

He said that his grandparents had to "phone the hospital" because his stomach hurt.

"My stomach was starting to swell up a little bit, that's how sore it was," he said. "I drunk (sic) some milk in the video, and that didn't really help. Well, it did help a bit."

He also talks briefly about his experiences in the bathroom, but we'll leave that to him to tell you.

"The first few bites were flaming hot, but after that it got even hotter," he said.

The young YouTubeer says he would "do it again."


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