Charlotte man credited with rescuing 8-year-old during possible shark attack

Charlotte man credited with rescuing 8-year-old during possible shark attack

SURF CITY, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte man has been credited with rescuing an 8-year-old during a shark attack on Topsail Beach in North Carolina Wednesday afternoon.

WBTV spoke with Scott Pastushok, of Charlotte, via phone after he reportedly rescued the little boy. Pastushok appeared to still be shaken by the events.

He said that he couldn't go into too many details. "I really want to wait until [the young boy], is out of the hospital. This is my friend's son. Out of respect to them, I really want to just wait and pray he's okay," Pastushok said.

Earlier Scott's father, Neil, called the WBTV newsroom with information about the incident.

"My son and his friends were on the beach. The kids were playing in the shallow water about knee-deep, probably 25 feet out," Neil Pastushok said.

That's when he says his son heard screaming.

"I asked him 'did you even have time to think?' and he told me, 'No. I heard screams I hope I never hear again in my lifetime. And I just ran toward him,'" Neil recounted.

"As a father that made me really proud of my son," he added as his voice cracked.

Neil Pastushok said what his son saw as he reached the boy was a sea of red where the child was bleeding. He said the shark appeared to be a tiger shark.

Scott described the shark bites as being from the knee down to the ankle.

According to the Surf City Police Department the injuries appear to be minor. The child's name and condition have not been officially released.

WBTV is waiting for a return call from Scott Pastushok when the child is released.

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