Reward being offered in case of decapitated dog

Officers investigated decapitated dog

KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC (WBTV) - As the Kings Mountain Police Department continues to search for information after a blind dog that was found decapitated, a rescue group is offering a reward for information.

Officials say the blind beagle was found decapitated after a home was broken into on Thursday. The Tri County Animal Shelter says they are offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

Owner Shirley Marrow of the blind rescue dog says she is in shock, "Who would do that? Why anybody would do that to an animal?"

The Morrows said they had Libby for six years.

"She was a rescued blind beagle, got around with no eyes," Dennis Morrow said. "Loving dog. Smart little dog."

Shirley Morrow said it was "not uncommon for her {Libby} to lay out there in the sun, lay under the trees and sleep."

Thursday afternoon, Libby didn't come back inside. A family friend went looking in the backyard and found the dog lifeless, the torso was between two trees. The head was missing, and still hasn't been found.

"Couldn't believe it. You don't think something like that would happen in a small town," Dennis Morrow said. "They're sick individuals out here in the world now. We need to pray for them."

The Morrows said someone also broke into their shed and stole a "shovel, ax, sledgehammer, propane tank."

King's Mountain Police say they were called to the home along the 100-block of South Gaston Street around 7:47 p.m. Thursday night.

King's Mountain Police are asking anyone with information to call them.

Cleveland County Animal Control officers are also on the case. They spent some time Friday afternoon searching the family's backyard, and found the dog's collar. Officers told WBTV they couldn't talk about the case. The Morrows said the scene was so graphic, they couldn't tell their kids the details.

"We kinda had to not tell them exactly," Shirley Morrow said. "That she passed away but not how."

With one dog gone, Dennis Morrow said the family is now keeping an eye on the other two dogs. "We're watching them closer," he said. "Can't really change dogs' behaviors. They want to go out. You gotta let them out."

The family can't help but wonder about Libby's last minutes.

"She had no idea it was coming. She loved to have her head scratched and everything. When the person touched her she probably just laid down and let them," Dennis Morrow said.

Investigators are looking for that person.

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