Google fiber means construction headaches for some

There's a lot of good about bringing Google fiber to Charlotte. City leaders say it will feed development by attracting tech businesses and entrepreneurs, in addition to providing neighbors with ultra high-speed internet.

But there will also be construction. Complaints poured into Kansas City, Missouri officials when contract crews started cutting tree limbs for overhead cables and digging up yards and streets.

"I believe Google fiber has learned a lot in the other cities," said Alan Fitzpatrick of DC 74, a data center company in Charlotte. "They will take that learning to Charlotte and we will have less of those issues." said Fitzpatrick, who also volunteers with a group called, aimed at promoting high-speed internet and preparing the city for the growing pains.

The group has also tracked initial Google fiber and high-speed internet interest in the city, which appears to pop mostly in the more affluent areas of north and south Charlotte.

Google has said it will choose neighborhoods to lay cable based largely on interest. Fitzpatrick says there is still more to it.

"Last week the Google fiber city manager told me they might pick a fiber hood initially that is one of the less affluent neighborhoods, just to demonstrate it's not just the wealthy people who sign up who get chosen first," he said.
City leaders have said access to all is very important in bringing Google fiber here. They've chosen initial locations for Google to build infrastructure throughout the city.
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