Google Fiber coming to Charlotte?

Google Fiber coming to Charlotte?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The rumors are spreading about an announcement from Google Fiber next week, all spurred by a mysterious invitation.

The invite has no agenda, no location, and no hint of congrats... But Charlotte city officials all received one.

And so did Alan Fitzpatrick of DC74, a data center hosting computer equipment for various local companies.

"Just yesterday, Google sent out a Save the Date invitation for a reception in Charlotte for Wednesday," Fitzpatrick says. "It didn't have a lot of details."

Fitzpatrick is part of the push to bring Google Fiber to town.

He helped found a community group called Charlotte Hearts Gigabit.

And he says an advanced Internet infrastructure like Google Fiber's would attract more companies and startups to Charlotte.

"We believe it'll attract talent to the city, creatives, software developers, web designers, videographers," Fitzpatrick says.

It would also make life easier for just about anyone who uses the Internet often.

Let's say you want to download an HD movie. It would take just 7 seconds to do so using Google Fiber compared to ten minutes through a 10 megabyte per second connection.

Want to download 100 songs? It'll take 3 seconds with Google Fiber - but over a minute with more traditional connections.

Google has a list of requirements for cities it's considering - Charlotte met them all last spring.

And our skyline is now featured prominently on Google Fiber's website, which you can see here.

"Google really liked our application, and we've heard nothing but good things since then," Fitzpatrick says. "Nothing official, nothing that they could share with us, but everything looks promising."

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