Days after he shot and killed intruder, 14-year-old says "I only got three hours sleep"

Published: Dec. 18, 2014 at 3:17 AM EST|Updated: Jan. 17, 2015 at 4:15 AM EST
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MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Anthony Hernandez isn't taking lightly the events that unfolded Tuesday afternoon at his grandparents' house when he shot and killed an intruder.

"I only got three hours of sleep but I guess I'm not doing horrible," the 14 year old said.

Hernandez said just after 5 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, he heard a loud bang and thought the tree fell over because the bells were ringing on the tree. He said when he checked, the tree was just shaking. But then he heard another bang and saw the window move.

"Then I went and I got the gun." he said. "I told the guy - and I said who is that, and the person hit it again."

Police say what Hernandez heard was an intruder trying to break in through a window.

WBTV has learned the intruder, 18 year old Isai Delcid, and his older brother, Carlos plotted to break in to steal pills, and then divide whatever they stole.

Carlos Delcid worked for an HVAC company and was apparently familiar with houses where he thought he could steal prescription medication. Sources said the two originally planned to break-in to a different house but when they went to that address, the lights were on and cars were parked outside. Carlos Delcid decided to go Rolling Fields Road - to a house from where he was recently twice arrested for stealing.

Sources say Carlos Delcid drove to the front to make sure no one was home, then dropped his little brother at the back of the house, sent him to break-in, and told him where to find the pills. Carlos Delcid stayed in the vehicle - their father's vehicle.

Isai Delcid apparently made enough noise as he tried to break in through a window. He didn't count on a 14 year old willing to protect and defend.

"And I said stop and they hit again," Hernandez told WBT Radio in a telephone interview. "Then I said I have a gun and they hit it another time. And they hit it again. I said stop and the guy broke through. And that's when I shot."

Hernandez said Isai Delcid was coming through the window.

"His arm came through and he warned him plenty of times," said Anna Marie Wyant, the 14 year old's grandmother. "And my grandson was standing back - way back."

Meanwhile, according to police sources, the intruder's older brother - Carlos Delcid - became anxious when his brother hadn't returned to the vehicle in a certain amount of time. Carlos Delcid started driving around the neighborhood, hoping he would find his brother.

Instead, he saw police cars arriving.

A police source said Carlos Delcid told investigators that's when he left the neighborhood. But, he kept calling his brother's cell phone. Isai Delcid didn't answer.

When police arrived at the house, they found Isai Delcid shot to death on the back deck. The window screen was cut, the window was broken, and tools were nearby.

Carlos Delcid evidently thought he left the scene - undetected. He was being monitored. Police sources said electronic monitoring indicated Carlos Delcid was near the house during the time of the shooting.

He went to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Law Enforcement Center to talk to investigators, and was later arrested for 1st degree burglary.

He took his younger brother to break-in to a house. It cost his 18 year old brother his life. And, Carlos Delcid will go before a Mecklenburg County judge Thursday.

WBTV went to the house of the father of the Delcid brothers. A man who identified himself as a son-in-law said they weren't doing any more interviews.

The grandmother of the 14 year who stopped the intruder from breaking into his grandparents' house said lots of people are saying prayers for her family.

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