New hi-tech program making the grade for students

New hi-tech program making the grade for students

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A new hi-tech computer program is making the grade at Charlotte Mecklenburg School (CMS) district's McClintock Middle School. It's called "Teach To One," and it meets students where they are and gets them caught up.

Students take a math test each day. The Teach to One computer program then analyzes the results and then informs the teachers what they should teach the students so their skills can be strengthened. This allows personalized teaching to happen. Students learn in a large classroom and then switch every 30 minutes so students can meet teachers for one on one class time. The method of teaching changes.

"They may learn with a teacher teaching up front," McClintock Middle School Math Director Hastie Hovey said. "They may learn with a small group of peers that are working on the same skill. They may work independently by myself on a laptop."

Teachers claim class disruptions are down because of the way student learn. They are too busy learning.

"You tend to see discipline issues," Hovey said. "When students are acting out and they don't understand it - either they are sitting there because they are bored or they don't get it all."

7th grader Pablo Jenkins now gets it.

"I was horrible in Math," Jenkins said. "At first I had a low grade, but then I got up like a B."

Jenkins credits the Teach to One Program for his success. The program is so successful, this year McClintock students experienced 1.7 years of growth in one academic year.

"It's made our job easier," Math Teacher Dawn Salters said. "In a sense with differentiation - where it's meeting and they are feeling successful. It helps with their confidence in math and their love of Math has grown."

McClintock paid $125,000 for the program and administrators believe it was worth it. The computer program does something in minutes when before it took teachers a long time to do the same thing.

"It's difficult to disaggregate all of that data on a daily basis," Hovey said. "Regroup students and move them and transition them to be able to reach every kid where they are."

McClintock Middle is the only school in the Carolinas to participate in this program. Next year Coulwood will use Teach to One.

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